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Being Different in Business Life

After the age of 20, one starts to feel the weight of the burden of business and life. Young people begin to get anxious. What…

Setting priorities! (Short-term / Easy)

The stress caused by not being able to organise one’s work or time may even affect health… I have noticed both in the workplace environment…

The Subtleties of Budgeting

When I started the first grade of school, my grandfather wanted to talk to me. He said: “Son, you are now starting school. You have…

Adaptation and Intelligence

Harmony, in other words. One dictionary definition of “adaptation” is “a trait which allows the organisms that have this trait and have succeeded through natural…

How does sustainable entrepreneurship lead to gaining a sustainable competitive advantage?

Today, as the effects of global climate change are being increasingly felt, notions such as sustainable development, stakeholder participation, corporate social responsibility, environmental impact, Global…


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