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3 Important Lessons For Angel Investors

I do not feel the need to be a shareholder of a start-up if I want to be an angel investor. After all, there is…

Can Sustainable Entrepreneurship act as an Engine for Sustainable Development?

“The Sustainable Entrepreneur generally focuses on the root sustainable added value rather thanhow the economic return is yielded. Accordingly sustainable entrepreneurship encompasses a wide range…

Entrepreneurship Environment & Angel Investment in Turkey

30 Mart Pazartesi günü Fransız Ticareti Derneği’nce düzenlenen “Le Cercle”toplantısında gerçekleştirdiğim “Entrepreneurship Environment & Angel Investment in Turkey”başlıklı sunuma ulaşmak için tıklayınız.

How Can Entrepreneurs Attract Investors?

You are resolved to become an entrepreneur. You have come up with a good idea and managed to put together a certain amount of money…

Unforgivable Mistakes of Angel Investors

The notion of angel investment in Turkey is even more recent than the concept of entrepreneurship. It is worth noting that it has been hardly…


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